Stop Chasing Perfection!

Maybe I’m the only one but everywhere I go online, I find articles like this one and this one that give me all of the things I need to do better. I don’t think these chasing perfection articles are healthy reading.

First, I’ve spent a lot of time around millionaires  and they aren’t the well-oiled mental machines that these types of articles make them out to be. I’m sure some are. I just haven’t met them. They have the same problems as everybody else.

Second, although I’m sure the articles are well-intentioned, every time I read the 65 new ways I can improve my life, it makes me think that there are least 65 ways I’m not measuring up.

How about we all make some changes. Here’s my list:

  1. I will not try to be like somebody else.
  2. I will not read articles that inundate me with all of the things I need to do better.
  3. I will ask God what He would have me do better and set out to improve those areas with His help.
  4. I will not set perfection standards for myself.
  5. I will recognize that I don’t have enough years on this earth to be great at everything.
  6. I will recognize that being a great person is about improving more than it is arriving.
  7. I will realize that regardless of how well I do, somebody out there is better and that’s ok.
  8. I will always remember that God loves me more than my talents and that’s enough.
  9. I will not hide behind the fact that I can’t be perfect. It won’t be an excuse to not try a little harder. I’ll always work hard to be better than I was yesterday.
  10. The only article I need to read is the one that talks about how hard work and sacrifice translates to rewards. I don’t need hacks, tricks, or consultants.

How can Build My Kingdom Help You?

If money is a constant struggle for you, you’re not a failure. You don’t need to read all of the “here’s how to be a millionaire” only to feel like you’re a financial failure. If you do nothing more than make the hard decisions to go without by saving more than you spend in order to pay down debt, those money problems will begin to disappear. But through all of it, don’t look down on yourself. The fact that you’re reversing the trend make you a success today.

At some point I’m going to write my own version of all of these lifehack articles but with a positive slant. The title will be “50 Things You’re Doing Awesomly Well Because You’re Just That Good.”

And they say that you can’t do anything new on the Internet…

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