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  • budgeting

    READER QUESTION: Budgeting

    A reader wrote in and asked how to make a budget. Here was my private response to them. I removed anything about the person’s individual financial situation.

  • Here’s Why The Internet is so Dangerous

    Too many people underestimate the danger of the Internet. Here’s how to keep your money and your family safe.

  • How Does a Non Working Spouse Prepare for Retirement?

    If you’re a non working spouse, it’s dangerous to rely on your husband or wife to carry the load into retirement. How do you prepare for retirement even though you’re not working?

  • The Right Way to Financially View Children

    Call me a guy, tell me something is seriously wrong with my thinking, and tell me I’m totally missing the point in this but I’ve always wondered why people don’t put more thought into the financial considerations of having kids.

  • STUDY: Poverty Drains the Brain

    I ran across this article the other day and like I ALWAYS advise, I read it and then went to the actual study and made sure the article accurately represented the source. (HINT!!)

  • Stop Chasing Perfection!

    Maybe I’m the only one but everywhere I go online, I find articles like this one and this one that give me all of the things I need to do better. I don’t think these chasing perfection articles are healthy reading.

  • VIDEO: Your Goals Determine Your Destiny

    Have you noticed the amount of people in your world that believe life happens to them? They’re victims of a rigged financial world that’s out to get them. They don’t see they have the power to change their financial destiny all by themselves.

  • How Does a Mutual Fund Work?

    Hey…don’t feel bad that you’ve heard of mutual funds but you have no idea what they are. Some financial professionals don’t know what a mutual fund is either; they just know how they work…kind of. How does a mutual fund work? Here it is in easy to understand terms.

  • e-mail

    Don’t Send So Much E-mail

    The average employee spends 28% of their workweek or 13 hours per week sending/responding to e-mail. If you feel you’re too busy during your week, here’s a great place to get some time back.

  • What’s The Deal With Build My Kingdom?

    Build My Kingdom is about helping you build your financial kingdom through education and encouragement. You don’t have to be a financial expert; you just have to know the right questions to ask, have a reasonable idea of the right answer, and put that knowledge to work through good decisions and sacrifice.