What’s The Deal With Build My Kingdom?

Build My Kingdom is about helping you build your financial kingdom through education and encouragement. You don’t have to be a financial expert; you just have to know the right questions to ask, have a reasonable idea of the right answer, and put that knowledge to work through good decisions and sacrifice.

The Vision of Build My Kingdom

I’m Tim. I’ve spent a lot of years writing investing and personal finance stories for some of the largest media outlets and websites in the world. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to some of the leading experts in finance and investing and have access to data and information that some others don’t. (If you want to learn more about me, click here.)

After writing and editing thousands of stories for my company, I’ve picked up some knowledge along the way and found that it’s helpful to others who are facing financial decisions and situations in their lives. We’ll also explore small business tips, and productivity hacks that will make you a more efficient worker.

There are a lot of financial advisers willing to help you but a large number of them are gifted sales professionals rather than financial experts truly devoted to setting you up for success. If you find the wrong financial adviser, or try to manage your retirement accounts yourself, you could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars over a few decades.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than helping my friends, their friends, and anybody else that asks. My wife and I try to live a life of charity and believe that any success we have comes from God. We want to take anything God gives us and give it away to somebody else. We practice that financially, with our knowledge and experience, and any other way God leads us.

The Site

Bloggers generally follow a set of rules designed to make their blog profitable. You’re supposed to stuff the site with ads, post as much as humanly possible, and throw a bunch of popups at your readers advertising their newest ebook, seminar, or life-changing advice.

I’m turning the model upside down. You won’t see an ad anywhere on Build My Kingdom. I won’t be inviting you to any seminars unless I know of somebody doing something for free that won’t have any kind of sales pitch. (Don’t expect to hear much about those.)

I’m not saying that I’ll never, ever make money off of this site but if I ever get paid for anything connected to this site, I will tell you about it. Rest assured that it will never be in the form of ads. I don’t need to make money from this site. I have other revenue streams from online. It’s my way of giving back. I will always have your best interest at heart.

I’m only going to follow one of those blogging rules. We’re going to have an e-mail list but only to let you know there’s a new article. I won’t be selling anything with it.

The Format

Since I’m not doing this as a commercial blog, don’t expect daily posts. I’m also not trying to impress search engines so some might be exceedingly short. Each post will be well researched, verified as factual, and may include just about any topic related to money. If I use a fact, you’ll see where I found it.

Some will be funny, some will be snarky, and others will be blunt. Some will offend those that are in the financial business solely to make money. I don’t set out to offend anybody but it will happen because some people are more interested in your money than you as a person. Every post will have an opportunity for you to send me a private question to get some advice more tailored to your financial situation.

My wife and I are Christians so you’re going to see words like, “God”, “faith”, “Bible” from time to time. Anybody, regardless of their faith or lack-of is welcome here but I won’t shy away from my faith to gain readers.

For now, I left the comment section on for each post. Most people don’t make comments to blog posts but if you have a question or comment that everybody should read, go ahead and post it.

The Disclaimer

yardI’m not a licensed financial adviser and cannot give official financial advice. What I can do is give you educational information. I can also give you reputable sources where you can research on your own. I have also partnered with some licensed experts that have agreed to provide some free financial advice. Yes, FREE!!

Why would they do something so crazy? I picked them because I know they have a heart to help people. They have successful businesses because they first care about people. Second, because they know that if you like them, you may use their services in a more official capacity some day or tell your friends about them. (If they help you, please do give their name to somebody else. Honesty and integrity should be rewarded.) They will not lay on a sales pitch.

I will always ask your permission before telling them about you and every bit of information you provide on our private forms is 100% confidential. There is no staff at Build My Kingdom so it can’t go to anybody but me.

One last thing: There is no such thing as 100% unbiased advice. My goal is to get as close as possible to 100% but if I hit 80%, I’ll feel pretty good. I’m strongly against the commission-based business model for financial advisers, for example. That’s a bias.

I always say that nobody cares about your money as much as you do. Always keep that in mind when people give you financial wisdom. And I’m a big Dave Ramsey fan. And just because I say it, doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. You should listen to experts you trust that have looked at your individual situation before listening to me. (But let me help you find somebody worthy of your trust.)

Bottom Line

Since we’re not following many of the blogging rules for Build My Kingdom, we can sit back, have fun, and learn something along the way. As always, if you have questions, comments, ideas for improvement, topic ideas, or want to correct something I said, contact me in the menu above. And if you’re an expert and would like to share some of your knowledge, I definitely want to talk to you.

The older I get, the more I have a passion for helping people reach their dreams. That’s the goal of this site.

Let’s build our financial kingdoms together, ok?


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