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  • The Real Truth About Entrepreneurs

    I’ve started a lot of businesses. Like most people that do this, most of those startups have failed. Others have seen enough success to make them worth the time, and 2 have become big enough that great things have happened. Here’s what they all had in common: They took A TON of time to plan,…

  • The Crypto and Self Employment Fallacy

    Unrefined thoughts: Big business has been a frequent punching bag with the prevailing thought being that big businesses are corrupt. Wall Street is corrupt so we run to crypto. Businesses don’t pay me enough so I go out on my own because I can “be my own boss.” Let’s take a look at a few…

  • My Experience With A Time Share Presentation

    Yes, it happened. My wife and I agreed to attend a time share sales pitch. If you know me personally you’re probably wondering why I decided to sell-out on just about everything I believe in when it comes to personal finance but keep reading. I think you’ll like this story. What’s a Time Share? None…

  • The Real Story on the Lease Vs. Buy Debate

    First, if you want to eliminate the complexities of the lease vs. buy question, it’s pretty simple: pay cash for the car. By paying cash you eliminate any interest payments and regardless of what happens in the future, you own the car. You’re paying with money you already have versus money you’re assuming you’ll have…

  • Pay Cash Or Lease Your Next Cell Phone?

    Have you ever tried to figure out what you should do with your cell phone? Pay for it in cash? Get another 2-year contract? Get into something called a Next or Edge plan? What’s the best way to get a phone and sign up for cell service with the best value? Notice the Word, “Value”…

  • Retirement

    How Much Should I Save for Retirement?

    Let me be blunt: If you don’t know the answer to this question, you’re setting yourself and your family up for potential disaster. If you don’t know the goal, you can’t set up a plan to reach it. If you don’t have enough money when you’re no longer able to work, you face a potential…

  • budgeting

    READER QUESTION: Budgeting

    A reader wrote in and asked how to make a budget. Here was my private response to them. I removed anything about the person’s individual financial situation.

  • Here’s Why The Internet is so Dangerous

    Too many people underestimate the danger of the Internet. Here’s how to keep your money and your family safe.

  • How Does a Non Working Spouse Prepare for Retirement?

    If you’re a non working spouse, it’s dangerous to rely on your husband or wife to carry the load into retirement. How do you prepare for retirement even though you’re not working?

  • The Right Way to Financially View Children

    Call me a guy, tell me something is seriously wrong with my thinking, and tell me I’m totally missing the point in this but I’ve always wondered why people don’t put more thought into the financial considerations of having kids.